It’s only a few days left to have your say.
Go to BMCC “Have your say” and click on the “Blaxland Master Plan
Blaxland Chamber members are local people in business most of whom are residents too. We want improvements in Blaxland to ensure local services remain to service local people.
The Master Plan shows more green space, pedestrian friendly lanes, improved community facilities and new housing options to ensure a vibrant, safer community.

How to make a submission.
Blaxland Chamber welcomes the opportunity for the community to have their say.
Go to BMCC Have Your Say and click on the Blaxland Master Plan.

Find the 74 page masterplan at the Document Library.
Return to the questionnaire and select your answer regarding palm trees and the Piazza questions and then consider what other comments you wish to make.

Here are a few suggested comments but we encourage you to modify these to reflect your own wishes.

  • I want an improved Blaxland as soon as possible. 2037 is simply too far away (see page 69)
  • I support the improvements shown in the images in the Blaxland Master Plan.
  • I don’t want Blaxland to look like a Western Sydney suburb with High Rise.
  • To ensure that the vision of the Master Plan is implemented quickly, changes need to be made to the planning rules including the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) asap.
  • I understand that as an incentive to private commercial property owners, allowable floor ratios need to be increased to 3:1 which will allow buildings of up to 3 storeys on the whole of each commercial lot. The current 1:1 floor ratio limit effectively stops the addition of any second or third storeys to existing single storey buildings. This should apply to all lots in the Blaxland Commercial town centre.
  • I understand that a 9m building height limit makes it very difficult to have three storeys in a commercial setting with shop top housing and hence I support an increase across the whole of the Blaxland Commercial centre to 10m (three storeys).
  • I support the vision of more public space including a piazza, new pedestrian friendly laneways that are off the highway with café’s, shop top housing to bring activity into the town centre, moving the library to the centre of the town and providing more community facilities, meeting rooms, halls, childcare etc. in the new centre of town.
  • I am happy with a three-storey limit over the whole of the commercial zone with an exemption allowing another one or two storeys for any site within that zone where community benefit is demonstrated. NB allowable floor ratios must be increased from the restrictive 1:1 to 3:1 on all commercial sites. Without this there will be no shop top housing. Shop top housing will provide much needed housing options for existing residents and allow them to walk to nearby facilities.